🇩🇪 EU-Parlament hat soeben gemeinsames Ladegerät für Laptops, Smartphones usw. beschlossen - wichtiger erster Schritt! europarl.europa.eu/news/de/pre
Mit einem Recht auf Reparatur und dem Kampf gegen geplante Obsoleszenz müssen viele weitere Schritte folgen.

Wer hat wann welche Internetseite besucht? Die IP-Adresse gibt darüber Auskunft. CDU und CSU fordern die Ampel auf, diese Daten sechs Monate lang zu speichern - auch ohne Anlass.


California: first state to ban natural gas heaters and furnaces.

Residential and commercial buildings account for ~ 5% of the state’s total nitrogen oxide emissions due to natural gas combustion. space and water heating make up nearly 90 percent of all building-related natural gas demand. California’s Public Utilities Commission also eliminated subsidies for new natural gas hookups. The new regulations will rely on adoption of heat pump technologies.


David Malpass, the World Bank President appointed by Trump in 2019, apologises for saying he ‘doesn’t know’ if he accepts climate science. He refuses to resign.

[Die Weltbank] sträubt sich gegen die Forderung insbesondere ihrer europäischen Board-Mitglieder, die Finanzierung von fossilen Brennstoffen ganz einzustellen.


Alrighhhht, I think I just made the most comprehensive diagram of the Mietshäuser #Syndikat out there 🙃


Corrections and comments please 🐜

Nach wochenlangem Zögern hat die Bundesregierung der Bitte der Ukraine um die Lieferung zusätzlicher Artilleriewaffen stattgegeben. Konkret geht es um 18 Exemplare des Waffensystems RCH-155 im Wert von 216 Millionen Euro. Die ersten Exemplare der RCH-155 wären laut dem Angebot des Herstellers, das auch Ausbildung und Ersatzteile umfasst, frühestens nach 30 Monaten zur Auslieferung bereit.


Wegen einer Ausbreitung von Büchern ist in den USA eine neue Maskenpflicht angekündigt worden.

»Es kann doch nicht unser Ziel sein, dass es der russischen Bevölkerung schlecht geht«

»Bestimmte Maschinen würde ich weiterhin liefern, wenn die wichtig sind für einen riesigen Industriebetrieb, der ansonsten zehntausend Leute entlassen muss«

Gregor Gysi, außenpolitische Sprecher der Linkenfraktion im Bundestag


In addition to recent price cuts, today I further decreed: the warranty for all laptops sold is now 5 years, instead of 3. Warranties extended +2 years for people whose 3-year warranty were still valid today.

The laptops come with coreboot, which replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI, and Debian Linux as the default operating system.

I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories. minifree.org/

A very pretty map with co-ops autonomous communities, housing projects etc. :mastolove:

The entire US political spectrum is represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the center-right (by European standards) and Joe Manchin on the far right (by solar system standards). They are members of the same political party. The Republican party is an avowed enemy of what it calls the 'deep state,' which is essentially professional government.

The electoral college and gerrymandering have only the purpose of electing unelected candidates.

I don't know if the US is technically a democracy.

Each [smartphone] device has an advertiser ID on it that it broadcasts. You can turn it off but on each OS update it generally turns it back on.

Companies have receptors all over. Mall, shopping centers etc. They're all around you.

The Fog Data company has receptors all over to read the IDs ... Companies will then buy into the marketing research and can see where people live, work, shop, etc. It's very granular.

Great tool.

John Bedell, Maryand State police


lithium is becoming scarcer and more expensive, and the cells can be hazardous

Engineers at MIT have developed a new battery design using common materials – aluminum, sulfur and salt. Not only is the battery low-cost, but it’s resistant to fire and failures, and can be charged very fast


"President Biden's student loan socialism is a slap in the face to every family who sacrificed to save for college, every graduate who paid their debt, and every American who chose a certain career path or volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces in order to avoid taking on debt," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday.


If we manage to exploit anyone, we must exploit everyone. We must be fair. This is America.

The war in Ukraine has left the world not only short of important grains but also fertilizers. This could tighten food supplies.
Farmers are seeing prices for fertilizers skyrocket. Some may choose to rotate crops or use less nutrients, which could reduce crop yields.


Urine has lots of nitrogen and phosphorus—a problem as waste, great as fertilizer.


A cheaper replacement for off-shore wind-turbines?

An AI-controlled sailboat flotilla dragging electricity generators could deliver its produced hydrogen to ports in need


When you see that civilization no longer works in your interests, you must either become either uncivilized or a slave. Logic imposes these two options and permits no others.

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