Hey people of the great Fediverse :) - We are releasing a new project that you might find interesting (we worked a lot on) - trom.tf/

In essence we provide free alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, Google Search and the like. And we release today. We even have a live about it in a few hours - www.tromsite.com/live/

Here's the list o what we provide:

Friendica with open registrations and we plan to keep it open forever
Nextcloud with 3GB storage + ability to add external storage; together with Only Office and a few other tools
Peertube with unlimited uploads (restricted to 2GB a day so we don't blow up the server) + Live + video conversion + a few plugins
SearX that we fine tuned to be as relevant as we could make it
Lufi to send files up to 3GB and 7 days storage
Etherpad with open access
RSS Bridge
Libre QR
Invidious and Bibliogram
Our own Music player/services as a desktop alternative to Spotify

There are no ads, no data collection, no premium accounts. Purely free.

Would be great if you can share it - it is after all for everyone ;)

@heluecht @hypolite @tobias @Gargron @utzer @humanetech @LinuxLounge @steffen
@utzer @heluecht @Gargron @hypolite @tobias @humanetech @reinhard @steffen @LinuxLounge We do. We get help through donations since 2013 for our main tromsite.com project. We also have a Liberapay account and would encourage people to support if they can liberapay.com/TROM/ - we need more support.
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