A first impression of the upcoming Briar desktop client

@briar Just tell me this isn't an Electron "application".

@sacredbirdman I'm not sure that actually excludes Electron, tho…

// @briar


@briar @phryk @sacredbirdman Do you mean this Compose? jetbrains.com/lp/compose/

If yes, can the "Google's modern toolkit" become a problem in regards to Briar being FOSS, security and privacy?

@nmke_de @phryk @sacredbirdman
Briar is dependant on Compose on the desktop as Briar is on all sorts of androidx libraries and android system components on Android. "Compose is apache licensed. I don't think it's likely that google would take it proprietary, but it's possible that they'd abandon it at some point. but i think that risk exists for any library or platform"

Personally, I would assume the risk of Google adding privacy-breaking stuff is probably bigger.

I mean, I've never done any serious analysis on their software, but breaking privacy *is* their business after all.

Hope it gets independent reviews often enough to minimize that risk of course, but I'm a bit of a pessimist in that regard. :P

@nmke_de @sacredbirdman

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