Weiß jemand, wie sich das mit Captchas und Screenreadern verträgt? Worauf muss ich da achten?

Is there someone that knows about the usability of Captchas in combination with a screenreader?

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Re: Captchas & screenreaders 

@luc No, I don't know, but I heard that @codeberg is currently trying hard to solve accessibility-related issues of their captcha in the platform they use, @gitea It might be worth to check them out :)

@luc If you have some visual captcha, screen readers can't read it out - that's the point of captchas (not machine-readable), and is obviously not accessible at all.

If you have different captcha methods, you basically have to check if it's possible to trigger the buttons with keyboard and screen reader.

We are currently looking into non-visual captchas like or something different.

@codeberg @luc

Interesting approach! I also love the fact that their test account is reference to Aaron Swartz. Nice tribute.

@luc I feel @jaczad would know that sort of thing.
@luc OK, let's try mentioning again...

I suspect @jaczad knows about accessibility #a11y for visually impaired, so perhaps he knows something about captchas too?
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