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This, right here, is why companies everywhere should not use social media alone for service status updates.

The fact that Proton's status page says we should go to Twitter for "more information" means that Proton is less accessible to folks without Twitter accounts. And that's no good.

Gibt es jemanden hier, der zufällig Authentik zum Authentifizieren in Peertube benutzt? Ich habe gerade das Gefühl, dass ich tatsächlich der einzige bin.

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It's official - now speaks Matrix!! 🚀🚀🚀🎉🎊🎆 Incredibly exciting to see an existing flagship FOSS communication platform independently select Matrix for secure, decentralised interoperability - read all about it at Who's next?! :D

Here we are again: Waiting for updated Nextcloud Docker images...

Nextcloud: We recommend everyone to keep their Nextcloud installs up-to-date!
Also Nextcloud: *Doesn't release updated Docker Images for days after release.

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Spaces are here!! Come read all about MSC1772 and its various friends, children and ancestors and the shape of things to come :) 🎉🍾🚀🛰🔭🦑

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Pinecone is here!! Our new experimental overlay network for P2P Matrix. Check out the source, the latest P2P demos and read all about it at \o/ 🐍🐍🐍

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@peertube Just want to share, how awesome the import from URL function in PeerTube is. I just imported many videos from Nextcloud to PeerTube via share Links. No download and reupload!

Keep up the great work and thank you for PeerTube!

@milan Hey, wo du gerade dabei bist, dich mit PeerTube zu beschäftigen: Würdest du verraten wie deine VOB Transcodierung konfiguriert ist? Webtorrent oder HLS? Oder beides?

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For those who missed it, and those who want to repeat it: the recording of our first training session / talk on "F-Droid App Review" is online now

I've created a new channel for it, as hopefully more are to come (and hopefully also in better quality than this "quick cut", I'm out of training in video editing):

#fdroid #foss #contribution #getInvolved #android #apps

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@matrix Remember the Matrix Mugs, mentioned in the last twim? I got one! 😎
Many thanks to Marcus Schopen for making and giving them away!

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#microG Services Core v0.2.15.204713 is here. 🎉
- Adds support for Vision Barcode API (used for QR code scanning in multiple apps)
- All kinds of improvements and bug fixes for Exposure Notification API.
- And of course, numerous bugs fixed.

Detailed changelog:

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Corona Warn App in Kürze bei @fdroidorg verfügbar:

"Der Entwickler Marvin Wißfeld hat die Client-Bibliotheken für die Corona Warn App nachgebaut. Damit funktioniert die App unter Android ohne Google-Services."

"[Marvin hat] in wenigen Wochen im Alleingang das geschafft, was den Großunternehmen SAP und DTAG trotz staatlicher Bezuschussung scheinbar nicht gelungen ist […]"

Eigentlich sollte er von dem Zuschuss seinen Anteil bekommen!!!


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Remember to read This Week in Matrix! Learn about Gitter bridging, VK bridge (!), plus clients, servers, SDKs, Famedly news and more #twim #decentralisation

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Sooo this corona warn app seems to work without play service code now, thanks to @larma ! 🎉

Currently you'll have to self-build and it only works in debug mode, but it seems to work.

WiP build instructions here:

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