@hyperalp Was für ein Eigentor...

So in SuperZeitlupe.. zum mitzeichnen...

Na mal sehen, wie Elon Musk da wieder raus kommt.

@hyperalp Bernie Sanders is the "nicest person in the world" huh? i guess that's not stopping him from endorsing border enforcement violence. (for the stupidest reasons, too…)


@sofia Where did you take that 'violence' thing from? He's saying he doesn't support open borders for the primary reason of importing cheap labor.

@hyperalp border enforcement happens by force, strangely enough. and i would think that he knows that.

and for the immigrats doing that "cheap labour" they may be the best-paying jobs they ever had, because opening the labour market would equalize wages, not lower them in total.

and the reason for economic migration tends to be that labour is more productive. it could also potentially be more efficient consumption. in either way it's a net benefit for humanity.

@hyperalp Bryan Caplan goes into greater detail with all of this: youtube.com/watch?v=q6wGLhEW_u

(the book can supposedly be found in the genesiest of libraries 😏)

he also did a few debates. turns out the argument for mirgration control are just bad. (Sanders probably doesn't know that, but that's not an excuse for promoting them)

and what kind of argument is "i want to live in a country", or "people i don't like are for it"?

@hyperalp and of course: leaving people the free choice where to live is not "importing" them. people aren't commodities and states should not be able to buy and sell them.

@sofia @hyperalp

Economists: Raising minimum wage doesn't always cause unemployment, we proved it.

Also Economists: Well, low cost labor entering an economy actually helps it, we proved that too.

FTR: Not saying they're wrong, more that economics itself isn't that rational.

@cjd @sofia @hyperalp The problem with people who think that economy should be mostly experimental is that when they raise minimum wage and 10 people are thus fired, but at the same time 20 people get job somewhere else (in the sector with higher-than-minimal wages) they would say that the minimum wage raise creates jobs.

"low cost labor entering an economy actually helps it"
This is, at least partly, because we're not just talking about units of labour supply; we're talking about *people* who have a tendency to want to buy things, not just to sell their labour.
@sofia @hyperalp

@cjd first of off this very barely relevant to the discussion at hand.

second, these are obviously two different metrics so i wouldn't expect them to always agree.

employment is obviously not necessarily a good thing. jobs are not necessarily productive and people may choose lower paying jobs if they are more enjoyable or better aligned with their values. so that's some more complicated reasons hot minimum wage could hurt people that are much harder to measure.

@hyperalp @naruciakk

@cjd "helping the economy" is a bit unclear, but i guess it often comes down to GDP (or rather GWP), which famously doesn't cover all value produced.

i don't think economics is about finding the right policy that helps the state make maximum GDP paperclips out of us, or any metrics. it's just about making sense of how societies (can) use resources.

@hyperalp @naruciakk

@hyperalp How Bernie is the nicest when Marie Kondo is still alive?
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