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European Commission, France and Germany all announced that European energy companies should be allowed to pay for gas in rubles at a closed meeting between EC representatives and EU diplomats in Brussels on late Friday evening.

Poland & the Netherlands were outraged.

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readinglist: Gute Nachrichten! Die Spezialoperation NRW der SPD ... dlvr.it/SQT0qL

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🦀 As of Rust 1.62 (going into beta this week), std::sync::Mutex, RwLock, and Condvar no longer do any allocations on Linux. 🎉

Benchmarking locks is extremely tricky, as their performance depends heavily on the exact use case, but there are very noticable differences:

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readinglist: Inkplate 10 open-hardware e-paper display with Wi-Fi and more dlvr.it/SQSQvy

El Burro teilte

“This Big Brother attack on our mobile phones, private messages and photos with the help of error-prone algorithms is a giant step towards a Chinese-style surveillance state,” the @guardian@twitter.com quotes me in an article on #chatcontrol: theguardian.com/society/2022/m

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Erstmal in den Schatten setzen und etwas Deftiges einverleiben!

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Cyndi Lauper & Laura Dern

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Sorry the little outage there! We had a bad server update.

Existing running tailnets should've been unaffected but the admin console and logins were down for a bit.

Everything should be happy again.

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95% of American mass shooters: "I am a nazi and I do this because I want to ethnically cleanse the world. Here is my manifesto where I detail all of my nazi beliefs."

The media: The mentally ill lone wolf had a rough life. No one wanted to be his friend. 🥺 👉👈

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In Corona Zeiten möchte ja niemand mehr ohne Maske auftreten offenbar ...

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Fun fact of the day: the reason why pregnant people get ultrasounds and not MRIs, is that in an MRI, this is what a fetus looks like.

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Wenn Leute 10.000 Euro bekommen, um auf ein E-Auto umzusteigen um 50% klimafreundlicher zu sein, sollten Leute, die kein Auto mehr fahren folgerichtig 20.000 Euro bekommen.

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One of my biggest pet peeves: When old historic maps overlap with modern political maps.

A 🧵

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readinglist: Another day, another weird death for a Russian oligarch — this time it's from toad venom to cure a hangover dlvr.it/SQ6j1p

Fun fact: in dem Hotelzimmer hier wird der Fernsehton im Bad auf den Lautsprecher gelegt - kann also zum kacken

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