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Three Chinese banks have already rejected Russia's requests to start a new payment system, analysts believe China wants Russia to be heavily damaged so as to devour it

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Neue Lügen aus russischer Feder:

Foto: Polnischer General befiehlt Angriff auf 🇺🇦

Der „Befehl“ ist eine Fälschung. Dies wird sowohl durch eine Erklärung des Generalkommandos der polnischen Streitkräfte als auch durch eine Analyse des Bildes

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GOP resident moron @laurenboebert you have been hacked.
@RepMTG @mattgaetz @Jim_Jordan You’re Next
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Posting again for the North American people. Tag EVERYONE & SHARE

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They’re called Hoods Hoods Klan because they put up their hoods when fighting their fascist rivals. The “klan” is just like saying gang or whatever. Get a grip. I asked one of the leaders about their name and he explained with the caveat “we wanted the name to annoy people” lol.

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@catflyhigh1 @GilsvanJac Also meet Jeremiah

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While you prepare for sleep, we share with you photos of such rare rest moments of our defenders. Fighters of 128th Separate Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade.


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An ancient amber bear. Carved about 10,000 years ago, this magical find washed up on a beach at Fanø in Denmark from a submerged Mesolithic settlement under the North Sea. National Museum of Denmark. Photo: © Alison Fisk.

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Hearing this stuff from people on the ground is utterly horrific. Wider coverage of the war seems to have faded away in many media outlets, which means that people shrug their shoulders and probably assume everything is a bit better now. In Kherson, it is very much not the case.

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@Surgat__ @2Photon_2022 @laurenboebert @RepMTG @SirrolS Right! Should we be watching out for beastiality

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408 Schools, 37 States, and 53 Unmarked/marked Burial Sites in the U.S. - OF CHILDREN Indigenous Unit. This was genocide so please spare me on how great the US is or was. 12 million killed with the invasion of the United States. Stop white washing history

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Die Essener Polizei hat offenbar einen Amoklauf an zwei Gymnasien verhindert. Am frühen Donnerstagmorgen stürmte ein Spezialeinsatzkommando die Wohnung eines offenbar rechtsextremen 16-Jährigen. Sie fanden mehr als zehn Rohrbomben. Der Tipp kam von einem Jugendlichen.

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If this is anything like correct numbers, the Russians are being absolutely hammered.

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I just got retweeted by someone with 52,800 followers.
MY EGO!!!!!!

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"The visceral enjoyment I'd get from seeing the small entry wound and the spray of brain tissue and blood -- like a 4th of July firework -- exploding behind him"

-- actual words said by .

DO NOT elect him, Georgia.

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I wish we were hearing more outrage from leaders in the Middle East and Africa about how Putin is showing zero concern about food supplies to your countries. Zero.

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We do not participate in or endorse any Blockchain or Exchanges - and have nothing whatever to do with $CULT ..

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Journalist Mark Feygyn (one who speaks to Arestovych every day) believes he noticed something in Putin's 9 May speech that may indicate he realises what he's done and the weight of it is too heavy for him.


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