Wanna know more about open source and decentralized social networks? "It's FOSS" published an overview today:

📰 9 Decentralized, Open Source Alternative Social Media Platforms

@almn76 how can we call "open and peer to peer" something you can't self host is a mystery to me

@paoloredaelli I see some critical points too, especially the implementation of cryptocurrencies into some of these platforms. But this is just the beginning of the development of open source and decentralized services. As we are using Mastodon now to communicate with each other, we are bring and enabled services into daily practise.

And at the end of that article, we see a perfect example of the cause of the monopoly problem:

@vik Haha, I didn't see this 😆 because I'm using with some add-ons which filter these kind of third-party-content 😉

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