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The democratic rebellion against the fascist regime in Belarus is about two months old now.

People still protest every Sunday, still in impressivly large numbers.
ten thousands of people are detained, several have succumbed to their torture wounds.

Several sources to follow the resistance:

*Russian music playing*

New Contrapoints video is out! :3

"I appreciate that you..."

"It's a plastic bag. Help."

German twitter is currently dog-piling on a racist from our wannabe tabloid "Bild" (which has long lost it's righ to use the term newspaper).

*not bad face*

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I really like this heat map visualisation that shows how infections move through age groups over time. France (positivity Test Rate) v Berlin ( 7 day incidence per 100k pop). So ignore the numbers, but the visualisation still works. - can we have this too?

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OMG - es ist alles wahr! Schmeißt die Datenautobahn weg - Daten sind das neue Glitzer!


Hot take - Data is not the new oil. Data is the new glitter:

- Lures humans in with its shininess
- Very easy to accumulate
- Found in places you least likely expect to find it
- Almost impossible to get rid of
- Everyone insists on using it w/o thinking through the consequences


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Kennt ihr schon Xavi Bou? Der Naturfotograf macht die Flugspuren von Vögeln sichtbar. Total irre Muster entstehen da.
Do you already know Xavi Bou? The nature photographer makes the flight tracks of birds visible. Totally crazy patterns are emerging there.

#birds #vogelflausch #birb

caricature about Trump 

"You, too, have nothing to fear."

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The alternative limb project explores how prosthetics offer an opportunity to have highly invented wearable art pieces.

@InvaderXan have you seen this?

"What part of "social distancing" did you not get?"

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One of the worst crimes of social media, among many, is how algorithmic content presentation assumes people have no interest in individuals, only topics. It's so inhuman! What fuckup went 'ah yes, this person follows people who post trees, they must only be interested in trees, not the person. Trees, coming up!'

Why are so many US news anchors screaming at my face like they were wrestling announcers?
This is such a weird cultural habit.

Also: Doing election forecasts like it was a weather map. Wat.

Today in "what you didn't have on your 2020 Bingo":
Good Diabolo 2 parodies

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